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Tweetmeme Button in Account

[tweetmeme source=”rametux” only_single=false]

I got this information from the forum

Just use this code and put it into your post depend on where you want to put it:

tweetmeme source="your_username"

Don’t forget to put the bracket ‘[ _code_ ]’ on front and rear of the code. I can’t find out how to use that bracket without appearing the button in this message. And if you want the button appears on homepage, just add this line into the code:


If you found some difficulties, please contact me from the contact page. Hopefully helpful. Enjoy!


My Mistake, My Bad, It’s Confusing!!

[tweetmeme source=”rametux” only_single=false

Well, yes. That’s why i’m going back to my old blog. It’s all because of my confusion of reading some email. There’s a missunderstanding from myself when the hosting provider sent me an email about notification of my hosting contract. I thought that it was a notification about my domain contract. So I pay the bill, and yes, i’m doomed!! :-((

Now, i have two blog that i’m trying to host. I take it as a lesson for me to be more active in blogging until my domain ( can be used again. That’s all for now. So sorry for my bad english. I really don’t care about it right now. Thanx for listening.

Just A Post

After a while i didn’t post into this blog, here i’m back hehe..

Well, if u are expecting an update for the intrepid alpha release announcement, it’s 4th release now. BlankOn has not yet release any jahitan. It consider to release on august, 28 for the 1st jahitan. Please refer to its mailing-list to know more about the BlankOn Development.

And here is a little but big announcement, my friend on Ubuntu-id named imtheface has back!! Hahaha.. Welcome back, dude!!

Well just it for now, see u around 😀

Ubuntu Intrepid Alpha-2 Released

For more info please refer this link:

Please noted that this release is an alpha release, so if you need the stable one just use hardy or hardy.1 (8.04.1) 😉

Meuligoe’s Gimp ready for testing

I’ve just push the newest version of gimp into the meuligoe’s bzr repository. I hope there’re people who could test it. Tester Team would be more appreciated. The packages are available here.

The packages was based on ubuntu intrepid’s package which version is 2.4.6. You can have the source from here.

Let’s Test Hardy.1 Candidate CDs!

This is jonathan Riddell’s mail to kubuntu-devel mailing list. C’mon, let’s test it!!

The candidate CDs for Kubuntu 8.04.1 are now available please test
and let us know if they work.

Coming soon

Report your results on

and #kubuntu-devel

Leonov Project

Have you heard about the Leonov project? It’s a nice idea they have. Well, with no further notice, just go to this page to find out the first coming release of the project. Enjoy!! 😉