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Just A Post

After a while i didn’t post into this blog, here i’m back hehe..

Well, if u are expecting an update for the intrepid alpha release announcement, it’s 4th release now. BlankOn has not yet release any jahitan. It consider to release on august, 28 for the 1st jahitan. Please refer to its mailing-list to know more about the BlankOn Development.

And here is a little but big announcement, my friend on Ubuntu-id named imtheface has back!! Hahaha.. Welcome back, dude!!

Well just it for now, see u around 😀


Ubuntu Intrepid Alpha-2 Released

For more info please refer this link:

Please noted that this release is an alpha release, so if you need the stable one just use hardy or hardy.1 (8.04.1) 😉

Leonov Project

Have you heard about the Leonov project? It’s a nice idea they have. Well, with no further notice, just go to this page to find out the first coming release of the project. Enjoy!! 😉

Intrepid Ibex Alpha 1 Released

Kubuntu, Ubuntu and Xubuntu, has released the alpha 1 on june, 28. You may want to read the announcement for more detail here.

MintMenu untuk BlankOn 3.5

Demi tercapainya rilis selanjutnya dari BlankOn, saya pun berusaha mengusulkan sebuah fitur baru untuk desktop BlankOn. Fitur ini sebenarnya diinspirasikan dari usula-usulan sebelumnya untuk menggunakan satu panel pada desktop BlankOn selanjutnya. Dan setelah melihat-lihat, untuk main menu, saya mencoba mintMenu, menu dari Linux Mint. Dan dengan sedikit racikan yang masih sembarang, didapatlah mintMenu tersebut seperti berikut:

mintMenu on Ubuntu

Cukup sederhana, tapi boleh juga nih klo di approve ;-). Approve yah teman-teman 😀

Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) Released

Yesterday, exactly on April 24, 2008, Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (codename: Hardy Heron) has just released. You probably have read this news many times on any other blogs out there, that’s why i won’t explain it any further. Just hit the sites!

What is Ubuntu?

Release Announcement:

Direct CD shipping for free:


Using Live CD without Burning the CD

Just found a good tutorial on how to install or run Live CD on hard drive without have to burn the iso image. There probably many people have known about this tutorial but at least i make it easier for me to find it. This tutorial is intended to the tester of any linux distribution (maybe just based on ubuntu, because i’ve not test it on not ubuntu-based linux distribution yet) so they won’t have to use many cd to test. This tutorial also available in http://help.ubuntu.com/.

The benefits of installing without external media are that it can save you time if you are already familiar with the process, and you get a very usable system upon booting into the installer because it is running from a hard drive rather than a CD. Lets be started, enjoy the step 😀 Continue reading